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July 2016


Atkins, Ace                                 The Innocents

Fairstein, Linda                           Killer Look

Finder, Joseph                             Guilty Minds

Graham, Heather                         Deadly Fate

Green, Jane                                Falling

Johansen, Iris                             Night and Day

Lindsey, Johanna                       Make Me Love You

Lovesey, Peter                           Another One Goes Tonight

McCall Smith, Alexander              Chance Developments: Stories

Muller, Marcia                            Someone Always Knows

Pearson, Ridley                          White Bone

Silva, Daniel                              The Black Widow

Snelling, Lauraine                      The Second Half

Steel, Danielle                            Magic



June 2016

Adler, Elizabeth                                 The Charmers

Blackwell, Lawana                             A Haven on Orchard Lane

Bradford, Barbara Taylor                   The Cavendon Luck

Coonts, Stephen                                Liberty’s Last Stand

Evanovich, Janet                                 The Pursuit

Graham, Heather                                 Haunted Destiny

Houston, Victoria                                 Dead Loudmouth

Johnstone, William                              A Colorado Christmas

King, Stephen                                     End of Watch

Lustbader, Eric                                   Robert Ludlums’s the Bourne Enigma

Meltzer, Brad                                     The House of Secrets

Mosley, Walter                                   Charcoal Joe

Niven, Larry                                       The Seascape Tattoo

Palmer, Diana                                     Defender

Patterson, James                                The Games

Proulx, Annie                                     Barskins

Tyler, Anne                                        Vinegar Girl

Woods, Stuart                                    Dishonorable Intentions


May 2016

Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn
Bond, Larry Fatal Thurder
Cussler, Clive The Emperor’s Revenge
Dailey, Janet Christmas On My Mind
Deveraux, Jude The Girl From Summer Hill
Erdrich, Louise LaRose
Frank, Dorothea Benton All Summer Long
Furst, Alan A Hero of France
Graham, Heather Haunted Destiny
Hamilton, Steve The Second Life of Nick Mason
Henderson, Dee Traces of Guilt
Howard, Linda Troublemaker
Johnstone, William Colter’s Journey
McCrumb, Sharyn Prayers the Devil Answers
Palmer, Daniel Mercy
Preston, Douglas Beyond the Ice Limit
Richards, Emilie When We Were Sisters
Steel, Danielle The Apartment
Whitson, Stephanie Grace Messenger by Moonlight



April 2016

Baldacci, David The Last Mile
Carr, Robyn What We Find
Clark, Mary Higgins As Time Goes By
Dickey, Eric Jerome The Blackbirds
Hamilton, Jane The Excellent Lombards
Johansen, Iris Hide Away
King, Laurie The Murder of Mary Russell
Michaels, Fern Fast and Loose
Page, Katherine Hall The Body in the Wardrobe
Putney, Mary Jo Once A Soldier
Quick, Amanda Til Death Do Us Part
Quindlen, Anna Miller’s Valley
Roberts, Nora The Obsession
Rollins, James War Hawk
Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Inherits a Mess
Sandford, John Extreme Prey
Scottoline, Lisa Most Wanted
Woods, Stuart Family Jewels


March 2016

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