New Fiction!

New Fiction

October 2014

Austin, Lynn                                       Keepers of the Covenant
Cameron, W. Bruce                           The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man
Chamberlain, Diane                           The Silent Sister
Cussler, Clive                                     Havana Storm
Faber, Michel                                     The Book of Strange New Things
Grisham, John                                    Gray Mountain
Hart, Carolyn                                     Ghost Wanted
Hoff, B.J.                                            When Strangers Meet
Kinsella, Sophie                                 Shopaholic to the Stars
Macomber, Debbie                             Mr. Miracle:  A Christmas Novel
McCall Smith, Alexander                   The Handsome Man’s De Luxe Café
McCrumb, Sharyn                              Nora Bonesteel’s Christmas Past
Miller, Linda Lael                               Christmas in Mustang Creek
Palmer, Diana                                    Wyoming Strong
Parker, T. Jefferson                           Full Measure
Peterson, Tracie                                 A Matter of Heart
Picoult, Jodi                                        Leaving Time
Rendell, Ruth                                      The Girl Next Door
Sandford, John                                   Deadline
Smiley, Jane                                       Some Luck
Smith, Wilbur A.                                 Desert God:  A Novel of Ancient Egypt
Snelling, Lauraine                              To Everything a Season
Steel, Danielle                                    Pegasus
Thayer, Nancy                                    An Island Christmas
Weber, David                                     A Call To Duty
Woods, Stuart                                    Paris Match