Frank B. Koller

Memorial Library

New Fiction!

 March 2017


Blackstock, Terri                  If I’m Found

Box, C.J.                             Vicious Circle

Bunn, T. Davis                     Miramar Bay

Coulter, Catherine                The Devil’s Triangle

Cussler, Clive                       The Cutthroat

Dunant, Sarah                      In the Name of the Family

George, Elizabeth                 Proverbs for a Woman’s Day

Graham, Heather                  A Perfect Obsession

Hooper, Kay                         Wait for Dark

Iles, Greg                             Mississippi Blood

Jance, Judith                        Man Overboard

Macomber, Debbie                 If Not For You

Miller, Linda Lael                    Forever a Hero

Patterson, James                    The Black Book

Perry, Anne                            Murder on the Serpentine

Steel, Danielle                        Dangerous Games

Weber, David                         A Call to Vengeance


February 2017

Beaton, M.C.               Death of a Ghost

Fluke, Joanne              Banana Cream Pie Murder

Grippando, James        Most Dangerous Place

Kellerman, Faye           Bone Box

Kellerman, Jonathan     Heartbreak Hotel

Kinsella, Sophie            My Not So Perfect Life

Martini, Steve               The Secret Partner

Oates, Joyce Carol        A Book of American Martyrs

Patterson, James          Humans, Bow Down

Peterson, Tracie           Treasured Grace

Robb, J.D.                    Echoes in Death

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