Frank B. Koller

Memorial Library

Wi-Fi Access Policy

I, the wireless user, understand that: The library Wi-Fi is completely funded through donations and use is at your own risk!

1. The speed of a Wi-Fi connection is unpredictable, but it is FREE to use.   Donations are needed to keep it running.

2. The Frank B. Koller Memorial Library provides an unfiltered wireless access for patrons with wireless capable devices called Wi-Fi.             
3. Individuals will need to know how to use their wireless device’s configuration software to connect to the wireless network.

4. Due to liability issues, library staff  will not be allowed to configure patrons’ laptops or handheld computers or install any devices or software on those computers. Technical support is only available from the wireless service vendor.

5. Wireless networks are not secure and use is at the individual’s own risk. Virus, security and privacy protection are the responsibility of the patron and are not provided by the library.

6. The library is not responsible for any damage to data files, alteration to file systems, or functionality of a patron’s computer/equipment resulting from connecting to the wireless network, or electrical power surges if using a library power outlet.

7. The library does not supply printing on the wireless network.

8. The Wi-Fi connection cannot be used for illegal purposes, nor shall it be used in any way that violates library internet policies.    

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