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How to Use the Internet

High-Speed Internet Access

Yes, the library has high-speed internet computers available to the public. This service is available at no charge, and is available first-come, first-serve to all library visitors. We also offer free wireless access to the public. See our Wi-Fi Access Policy  for usage guidelines. If you're having trouble accessing our network, see our troubleshooting page (MS Word).

A black and white printer is available, and we ask for a donation of 10¢ per printed page. Computer use is limited to 45 minutes when other patrons are waiting.


Frank B. Koller Memorial Library Internet User Guidelines

1.  There are many resources available on the Internet and library staff may not be familiar with all of them.  THE PATRON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LEARNING HOW TO USE A COMPUTER and THE INTERNET.  Library staff cannot provide training and technical assistance.
2.  Users may have ONE time slot per day.  Reserves are not taken. One time slot is 45 minutes.  During the quiet months of December through March, sessions may continue if no one is waiting, but must conclude within five minutes when a new customer arrives.  
3.  Additional time will NOT be allotted due to conditions such as problems with the Internet connection or power outages if others are waiting a turn.
4.  A printer is available for printouts.  Printouts are 10 cents a page for black & white, 30 cents for color.
5.  Users may save files to a flash drive.  Due to the possible spread of a virus, personal disks will NOT be allowed without running a virus check first.
7.  The Frank B. Koller Memorial Library DOES NOT provide e-mail accounts.  Users may use the Internet for the receipt and transmission of electronic mail as long as they use a web-based e-mail service.
8.  Users may use the Internet for research and the acquisition of information to address their educational, vocational, cultural, and recreational needs.
9.  Users agree not to incur any costs for the library through their use of the Internet service.
10.  Users shall not create and/or distribute computer viruses over the Internet.
11.  User may not make any changes or alterations to the library computer setup.  User may not install his/her own software or other files on the library computer.  NO information can be saved on the library computer hard drive.
12.  User will not use the computer for bulk E-mails (“spamming”), or to insult or offend other internet users (“flaming”).

Version 1.0
Adopted:  October 25, 1999
Revised:   February 28, 2001
Revised:   November 17, 2004
Revised:  August 31, 2005, January 30, 2008  
Revised:  October 26, 2011 by the Frank B. Koller Memorial Library Board of Trustees

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