Frank B. Koller

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New Fiction!

May 2017

Atherton, Nancy                     Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse

Atkins, Ace                              Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies

Brown, Dale                            Price of Duty

Brown, Rita Mae                      A Hiss Before Dying: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

Cameron, W. Bruce                 A Dogs Way Home

Chevalier, Tracy                        New Boy

Child, Lincoln                             Full Wolf Moon

Cussler, Clive                               Nighthawk

Dailey, Janet                                 Just A Little Christmas

Evans, Richard Paul                      The Broken Road

Frank, Dorothea                           Same Beach, Next Year

Graham, Heather                            Dying Breath

Hamilton, Steve                               Exit Strategy

Hart, Carolyn                                   Walking on My Grave

Henderson, Dee                                Threads of Suspicion

Houston, Victoria                                Dead Spider

Hunter, Stephen                                  G-Man

Johnstone, William W.                         Remington 1894

King, Stephen                                     Gwendy’s Button Box

Lehane, Dennis                                     Since We Fell

Lustbader, Eric                                      The Fallen

Patterson, James                                    16th Seduction

Putney, Mary Jo                                    Once A Rebel

Quick, Amanda                                      The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Roberts, Nora                                        Come Sundown

Shaara, Jeff                                             The Frozen Hours

Stabenow, Dana                                       Less Than a Treason

Steel, Danielle                                             Against All Odds

Sullivan, J. Courtney                                   Saints for All Occasions

Thayer, Nancy                                            Secrets in Summer

Theroux, Paul                                            Mother Land

Turow, Scott                                               Testimony

Weir, Alison                                                Anne Boleyn, a King’s Obsession


April 2017

Baldacci, David                    The Fix

Carr, Robyn                        Any Day Now

Clark, Mary Higgins              All by Myself, Alone

Deaver, Jeffery                      The Burial Hour

Dickey, Eric Jerome               Finding Gideon

Hillerman, Anne                     Song of the Lion

Johansen, Iris                        No Easy Target

Kerr, Phillip                            Prussian Blue

Landvik, Lorna                        Once in a Blue Moon Lodge

Lewis, Beverly                          The Ebb Tide

McCall Smith, Alex                   My Italian Bulldozer

Michaels, Fern                           High Stakes

Paretsky, Sara                            Fallout

Ross, Ann                                   Miss Julia Weathers the Storm

Sandford, John                          Golden Prey

Scottoline, Lisa                           One Perfect Lie

Shreve, Anita                               The Stars Are Fire

Smith, Wilbur                               War Cry

Trollope, Joanna                           City of Friends

White, Karen                                 The Night the Lights Went Out

Woods, Stuart                               Fast and Loose


 March 2017


Blackstock, Terri                  If I’m Found

Box, C.J.                             Vicious Circle

Bunn, T. Davis                     Miramar Bay

Coulter, Catherine                The Devil’s Triangle

Cussler, Clive                       The Cutthroat

Dunant, Sarah                      In the Name of the Family

George, Elizabeth                 Proverbs for a Woman’s Day

Graham, Heather                  A Perfect Obsession

Hooper, Kay                         Wait for Dark

Iles, Greg                             Mississippi Blood

Jance, Judith                        Man Overboard

Macomber, Debbie                 If Not For You

Miller, Linda Lael                    Forever a Hero

Patterson, James                    The Black Book

Perry, Anne                            Murder on the Serpentine

Steel, Danielle                        Dangerous Games

Weber, David                         A Call to Vengeance

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