Frank B. Koller

Memorial Library

Behavior Policy

The purpose of this policy at the library is to ensure a safe, orderly, and comfortable atmosphere in which all library patrons can effectively use the library. Staff and patrons should be mindful of the effects of their behavior on others using the library's facilities. From time to time, the Library Board may adopt additional policies under public behavior as an incidence arises.

Policy on Unacceptable Behavior

The following instances of unacceptable behavior will be enforced by Library staff:

  • Any illegal activity including stealing, damaging, or altering any Library property i.e. altering or damaging setup of computer equipment or software, damaging Library materials and furniture
  • Disorderly, drunken, dangerous, disruptive or threatening behavior endangering staff or patron i.e. approaching patrons or staff and engaging in unwanted, inappropriate interaction; threatening the personal safety of patrons or staff
  • Loitering *Consumption on intoxicants, tobacco, food, and drink *Possession of a weapon
  • Stalking i.e. Conduct that alarms, annoys or harasses another patron or staff
  • Indecent exposure;harassment;displaying pornography
  • Unacceptable personal hygiene
  • Producing excessive, unnecessary noises
  • Bringing in animals or pets, unless for Seeing Eye dog.
  • Will not leave when the library closes, after being asked by library staff
  • Following staff or customers around the building or staring at staff or customers such that performance of their duties or use of library services is materially disrupted.
  • Any behavior or actions not listed above will be left to the discretion of the library director In addition, the Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended. Personal items left by patrons are subject to disposal by library staff.

NOTE: Any person who is asked to leave the Library as a result of a violation listed above and refuses to do so shall be considered to be trespassing and may be subject to permanent exclusion from the Library and/or arrested.

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